Charlotte Badger, Australia’s only female pirate (but was she actually a pirate?)

Popular culture records Charlotte Badger as Australia’s only female pirate. According to one tale, under the captaincy of Badger –

The Venus became the terror of Bass Strait. Frightful atrocities were committed; ships were captured, plundered and sunk.

Elvie Williams, Australian Woman’s Mirror

But was Charlotte Badger actually a pirate?

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Museum Review: QVMAG (Royal Park) – First Tasmanians Exhibit

I have fond childhood memories of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) at the Royal Park, Launceston site. For years, it was the template I held for what a museum should be. It had lots of interesting corners to poke around in and a number of exhibits that I still miss. For now & then photos of the museum, see my post here.

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From the Archives – Longford Tasmania in January 1922

Looking back at the Tamar Valley and Northern Tasmania as it was in January 1922, via photos published in The Weekly Courier. This week’s photos are of Longford.

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