Further Afield: Westbury Silhouette Trail

A walk around the Westbury Tasmania Silhouette Trail

Westbury has always been one of my favourite small towns in Tasmania. Beautiful old historic buildings and with a Village Green of a green rarely seen in Tasmania. I’m not sure how I came across information about the Westbury Silhouette Trail, but I decided to visit.

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Looking Back – New Year’s Day

As we head in 2022, we look back at New Year’s Day in Tasmania 100 and 200 years ago

A glance back at New Year’s Day in lutruwita/Tasmania in 1822 and 1922.

New Year’s Day 1822

The Hobart Town Gazette reported a public meeting held in Hobart on 1 January 1822. The meeting resolved that an Agricultural Society be established. Rather than focus on promotion of agricultural related matters as we know today, the society was concerned with protecting stock.

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